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Toyota Prius Emergency Brake Light Issue

Toyota Prius Emergency Brake Light Issue

Mar 23, 2011

Prius owners out there?

i have lots of questions!

i’m a new/used owner…

…when starting up the engine, i release the emergency break and press the start button. why does the break light sometimes not turn off? i re-press the start button [which is red now] and the engine cuts off. i put in the key and it will work. why does it sometimes require the key and sometimes not?

…also, when everything is off and i lock the doors, why is the red light blinking indicating there’s a key inside when there’s not?

…lastly, why won’t the “maintenance required” light turn off? it is on when i start up and eventually turn off [why is it even on at that point?], but yesterday, i noticed it did not turn off. i drove to work this a.m. and it was on the whole time.




That first problem sounds like you may have an issue with the brakes.
The second issue is perfectly normaly, the key is blinking to show the immobilizer is active
The maintenance light comes on at 5,000 intervals. At 4,500 miles it will come on for about 5-10 seconds when you first start the car. After 5,000 miles it will blink a couple times at start up and stay on until you reset the light (usually the shop will do this for you when you get the oil done)


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